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Winter is Coming!

By Jodie Wilson

Every year around this time we begin to observe a lower volume of homes for sale throughout the area as many sellers believe the cold weather, early dark evenings and out of season gardens will put off potential buyers from searching and buying… they couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact those wise sellers that market their homes will in most cases experience higher inspection numbers which often lead to more competition at the point of sale and generally a higher price. It’s all due to a “lack of supply” as buyers don’t disappear in the change of seasons as in most cases they have a want or need to purchase that right property. They may already have sold their own property or perhaps their lease is due to expire on the property they are renting. They may have to compromise on their wish list but due to the lack of homes available to purchase are forced to compete with all the other buyers in the market place.

Selling during the winter months in years gone by has seen many of our clients position themselves very well to then look at purchasing when Spring comes along and available sales volume increases. Last year did see the Summer months flooded with new listings which in many caused the sales prices to adjust accordingly due to oversupply.

Our best advice would be that if you are going to be in a position to achieve your next real estate goal in the next three months that you certainly might be in a better position to act then rather than waiting for the notoriously busier months towards the end of the year.

Ask our team here at Ray White Forest Hill how to get you ready for market and be sold in as little as 30 days from time of appointing your agent.

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