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Is winter a good time to sell

By Jodie Wilson
Traditionally it has been said that selling when the weather is better and the garden is looking blooming is the best time to sell. However many of our clients are less concerned about the weather climate and more concerned about the economic climate.
Through Winter there are generally not as many homes on the market which means that you have a greater opportunity of selling your property in isolation instead of competing with lots of other homes in your part of the neighbourhood. Nothing reduces competition quicker than an over supply of nearby comparable homes for your prospective buyers to chose instead of yours.
Light it up!
Light-filled homes are often more appealing than those dim, dark ones that make your home feel even colder than it is at this time of year. Remove furniture away from windows and pull back the curtains and sheers to get every ray of sunlight in you can.
Warm it up!
Ensure your home is nice and toasty when the buyers walk in off the street to give them the feeling of your home being a cosy haven that they could see themselves coming home to after every day. Don’t be shy to turn the heaters on at least an hour before each of your open inspections and consider a hallway runner if you have cold tiled hallways.
Prepare for the weather!
Go and buy yourself some brand new door mats for each entry point to the home to give buyers the option of cleaning their shoes without having to walk around inside in bare feet or thin socks. If your entry way is large enough consider putting a coat stand there to allow buyers to inspect your home in comfort with their big jackets removed.
Buyer sentiment is solid and building more and more at the moment with the election behind us, the reserve bank discussing rate cuts and APRA admitting that they need to loosen some of their lending criteria. Maybe this Winter is a great time for you to get your property sold before the Spring-time rush.
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