Time stands still for no-one… we are already into the second month of 2019!!!

ByJodie Wilson
Typically, new listings and agent activity is very quiet over the holiday period. However not at Ray White Forest Hill, we strategically begun advertising several of our clients homes for auction just before the Christmas break as real estate portals experience high levels of traffic over that time whilst people are enjoying a well deserved break.
What’s going to happen to the market this year you may be wondering? The simple answer is there will be sellers and buyers at every stage in a particular market trend. We have seen different trends for different properties in each suburb however we have some critically important tips that will most definitely assist in you achieving a premium sale price.
1) Now more than ever you will need to ensure that you do everything to make your property “unique”, better than the other homes on the market – stand out from the crowd!
You may need to consider home staging, make sure your gardens, front and rear are looking their best, water your lawns, have flowers in your garden bed, get rid of cobwebs and wash all the windows.
We also have our very own in-house home consultant who will come and advise you on where to start.
2) Its critical to engage the services of an agent/agency that understand the changing market and that have the “score on the board” for these market conditions. It’s much easier to negotiate a sale in a good market but it is the skilled professional that can do this in a changing market to ensure the best possible price is achieved.
3) Listen to your agent about a tailored marketing campaign for your property because you only get “one bite at the cherry” and you need to make it count. Marketing costs are an investment into your end result and those sellers that understand this usually are rewarded with the end result.
4) Last but not least, do your research on property prices in your area as you want to engage an agent/agency that provides with you with a realistic price, a well rounded marketing campaign and a passion to work for you to achieve the very best outcome in 2019.
Ray White Forest Hill prides itself on all of the above and are here to answer all your questions and provide you with the service and result you deserve.
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